Weber Grill Grate Scrubber Pads, 6-Pk


Weber Grill Grate Scrubber Pads, 6-Pk


  • Use With Weber Grill Grate Scrubber
  • Using Replacement Pads Help Reduce Bacterial Infections
  • These Will Aggressively Clean & Remove Grease Stuck On To Grates
  • Made From Post Industrial Recycled Material
  • Product Weighs 0.5 Pounds
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Weber, 6 pack, grill grate replacement scrubber pad, used with the Weber grate grill scrubber, these will aggressively clean & remove the toughest grease from your cooking grates, 00% post industrial recycled material, using replacement pads in your grate scrubber reduces the negative bacterial infections that are associated with using dirty grill brushes that are left outside.


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