Weber Warming Rack for Genesis Grills


Weber Warming Rack for Genesis Grills


  • Fits Spirit 700, Genesis 1000-5500, Genesis Silver B/C, Genesis Gold/Platinum, & Platinum I/II Grills
  • Makes It Possible to Grill Several Items at a Time
  • Grill Vegetables & Keep Them Warm While Grilling Your Meats
  • Extends The Life Of Your Grill
  • Keeps Moisture Away From The Grill
  • Genuine Weber Replacement Part
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Out of Carton Dimensions 0.4″H X 4.7″W X 24.9″D
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Toast burger buns as the cheese melts on your patties sizzling below. Or keep your medium-rare steaks warm, as the well-done meat cooks all the way through. The Warming Rack ensures that your entire meal is at perfect serving temperature, when everyone is ready to eat.


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